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3) If you post it else where, always link back here. EXCEPT ON TUMBLR BECAUSE DOOD I'M ALREADY HERE! PLEASE DONT REPOST MY WORKS ON TUMBLR SOME OF THEM AREN'T HERE FOR A REASON..........................................
Oh, and watch out for random flying nsfw stuffs. Enjoy your stay~ (¬‿¬)

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Glitter Bodie~ you three are either reaaaaally in sync or just the same person /stareee at chuuuu XDDDDD

rant under this line.


I heard people are having problems putting credits on a another person’s art when reuploading. so i did it for you :D you’re welcome.

apparently DC fanarts are being reuploaded on tumblr and facebook pages without credits (oops strike one) and being cropped and used for RPing (oops strike two) i aint gonna wait for strike three which is someone claiming to have drawn that so….. 

the next time i see it i’m uploading my next works like this ..


yes. that size and those watermarks. betcha no one would reupload that.

Oh oh oh and if you tell them to credits artists on fb they get mad at you. how fun :D good gravy i hope those are kids because if they aren’t and they act like that?? gods… we’re a small fandom with even less fanartists …whatchuthink?

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