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First off. so glad Bodie’s in Dance Central 3 (no i still don’t have the game OTL ..or the console…) 

Bodie, love, I just kinda sorta figured out your original hair….. why must you let me figure out your new hair again lololol

kinda looks either like a HighFashion!Bodie or a FightingGame!Bodie lolol


but i love all forms of Bodie <3

//awaits new images

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    Ainda não acredito que cortaram seu cabelo lindo ;_;
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    OH MY FUCK. HE LOOKS LIKE BRAD. Can I just buy this game I need a Kinect Fuck I NEED HIM
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    Aaaaaaaashooooot vB
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    First off. so glad Bodie’s in Dance Central 3 (no i still don’t have the game OTL ..or the console…) Bodie, love, I just...
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    it will take me… some time to get used to bodie’s new hairstyle TT3TT seconding the need for more pictures of bodie!
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