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Asker shirukun Asks:
Maybe you've been asked this before but who is your second favorite Dance Central character?
nononoko nononoko Said:

Bodie takes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place so 5th is shared by Dare, Emilia, and Taye. 

Instadump # oh no im drawing dance central doods again

yeah … also inking practice 

descriptions on my insta


I’m half a year late, I apologize! Huhuhu. Belated happy birthday, Noko! >v<)! My original drawing of your dear Lucius was him in this outfit (I think it’s my favorite one from among the 2013 ones!), but when I looked back at my unfinished WIP, I have come to dislike it so I made a newer one. Hope you like it! (I the 300dpi res if you want~)



Insta dump # 019286267937
Home from the SG trip
Didn’t get to draw much
Top three are fanarts
The rest are concepts and idea things I’m trying out
And the bottom is proof of me and kei breaking the law in artfriend

Asker Anonymous Asks:
If there was ever a Dance Central movie, which actor do you think would best portray Bodie?
nononoko nononoko Said:

If there ever was a dance central movie I want it to be a CGI movie /hit

insta/twitter dump# 3485737372343

top 5 photos are dance central’s Bodie and Dare

last photos are my OC Lucius sometimes with hyamei ‘s Alcyone

Instadump /Twitter dump # 102943289

first 6 images = tons of Luciuses and one with hyamei ‘s Alcyone.

last 3 images = more random disney/frozen doodles

Oh and if you don’t mind could you take some time to vote on Lucius’ outfits? Thanks!

Lucius 2014 outfit

his final but not exactly final outfit OTL
Lucius babe you have too much clothes…

on DeviantART

Asker Anonymous Asks:
O-O Your art is SO FUN. Excuse me while I gush augh so cool aaaa.
nononoko nononoko Said:

aaaa thanks  uwu <333

that’s a new description ahaha XD


Frozen doodles, lotsa Hans

Bodie and Emilia from Dance Central again no surprise

and more Lucius outfits that’ll never end.

one ft Annie Mei from @ctchrysler

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Art trades?
nononoko nononoko Said:

Only with friends

Yeah I know I’m a jerk like that
But only friends don’t get mad at me when I send my half of the trade 10 years later UωU

Instadump# 9712937

forgot to upload it here haha OTL

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I just saw your art and stuff on the Dance Central blog!! :D why don't more people know of this...?? :0 seriously, that's so awesome... lol... And I was just on to check if there was anything about a Dance Central 4, nothing yet.... Oh and congrats, even though it's been there since January... =__=
nononoko nononoko Said:

Ah thank you <333

well Dance Central is a pretty limited game so it’s one of those niche markets because you need an xbox and kinect first XD 

Thanks again~ 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm wondering what brushes / brush settings you use in manga studio?
nononoko nononoko Said:

mostly tweaked settings of the default brushes and Nesskain’s (bless this artist) flat 1 and 2 brushes

Instadump # How you two got together we’ll never know.

Happy Advanced Hearts Day~ <3

somehow these days I’ve been drawing them more frequently …. must be the season … 

for more Lucius/Alcyone shenanigans check this tag
for questions about what markers i use check this other tag
for earlier miniposts check my Instagram be warned i post pics of random stuff and doges too

Alcyone (c) Hyamei

Lucius is my idiot