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It started with dance central things and ended with Lucius in a kilt because it’s a really popular fashion statemet here in gencon.
I want one ಠ_ಠ

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you know who Emilia's voice actress is? I've searched everywhere but there is no info on her.
nononoko nononoko Said:

Hey there you can check this wiki for info on that. It’s under Other Details>Voice Actor

Sorry for bad linking setups I’m mobile at the moment.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why does Lucius mostly wears sandals? he looks like a dancer from DC
nononoko nononoko Said:

I like sandals. I want free toes. They are no comment toes.
And I think he looks too fantasy-ish for DC
And to try to combine the two things you noted in the ask lemme say that the only characters who wore sandals in DC were Miss Aubrey’s retro look in dc3, Taye’s DCI look in dc3 and Jaryn’s Haute Blooded look also in dc3.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi Noko :)
nononoko nononoko Said:

Hello anon

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can you give us tips on how to do character designs? :3
nononoko nononoko Said:

Watch Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, watch Say Yes to the Dress, play with character customizations in video games, browse artbooks, browse artist galleries and concept and sketch posts.
And doodle a lot.
All those things up there have one thing in common and that’s characters. People with different looks and outfits.
If you see a silhouette you like doodle it, see another part you like? Note it down.
Keep reworking that character until you love it and it’s practical but not over layered with accessories because darlin sometimes less is best /hit
For example. Lucius’s outfit went through a lot of revisions. If you’d browse through my Lucius tag you’d notice that his outfit would slowly take form and sometimes I’d change small parts or bigger parts.
Bottom line don’t be afraid to try stuff out you can draw an entire cast of characters an entire fashion line and have them catwalk it out to you so you can check their looks and designs and rework them.

Maybe also give them a short plot summary so their look fits ya know.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Noko stands for : Noble Outstanding Kind Optimistic
nononoko nononoko Said:

Noko stands for free pizza

But sits down to eat it

i’m really bad at typing up journals and announcement stuffs but this August is quite exciting.

From August 14-17 i will be with Level99games in Gencon 2014 woo /o/

my latest artbook for Argent will be debuting there hahaha omg nervous

Level99games is the maker of the Battlecon  series and moreeeeee 

this will also be my first time in an international con and in the US even wah

though the fact that it IS typhoon season does worry me since it’s a 21 hour flight i’m still excited ✈

i have a few days stopover in Canada before and after that date

(my dad doesn’t believe a few hours stopover is healthy for long flights)

will prolly tweet about it as much as i can but that will definitely depend on if i find wifi

ill still be drawing since i’ll be bringing my nokompanion o/ and a sketchbook o/

so yeah that’s what’s up wit da noko peace out

ps. will def tweet more about this soon


more info on  twitter /instagram /devArt /facebook

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Favorite anime(s)?
nononoko nononoko Said:

Hunter x hunter
Flame of recca
Yu yu hakusho
Fancy Lala
The vision of escaflowne
Slam dunk
Rurouni kenshin
Level E
Summer wars

After 2006 I was more into manga than anime so I didn’t really watch much anymore cept for free! and some movies so yeah. Still jealous of the animes tho.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
What inspired you to draw?
nononoko nononoko Said:

I thought we established that /goes to grab bodie picture /hit

Oh you meant the beginning?
In the beginning there was anime and young noko

Young noko was amazed by the anime and jealous of how cool that anime was

young noko wanted to have their own anime so young noko drew and drew and drew and drew and here we are

Not so young noko is still jealous of the anime and draws

Forgive noko, noko just woke up

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What's your favorite routine in dance central 1-3
nononoko nononoko Said:

I’ve actually made gifs of those before

Every routine here and more ->

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I really liked your designs of Bodie and Emilia in a battle style! Where did you find inspiration for the designs?
nononoko nononoko Said:

Battle style???
Did you mean the warrior and paladin sketches?
If yes then I just based it on the DC2 crew outfits then transformed each part into heavy armor.

I could go in depth but I’m on mobile and lazy lol

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I've been hearing rumours that Dance Central Spotlight is a prequel or a spinoff to the series. What do you think?
nononoko nononoko Said:

you can easily check if rumors are true or false via Harmonix’s or Dance central’s twitter or facebook as their PR personnel are very helpful and will answer your questions to the best of their abilities.

Also the Harmonix podcast DID state that it is a sort of spiritual successor of dance central in their podcast so that’s true.

you can hear them here and here 

✒their podcast usually reveal more than their posts so stay tuned if you want info

instadump dance central dump again hngh

hella lotta doodles man help

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you prefer the old dance central models or the new ones right now? I know, it's a tough question.
nononoko nononoko Said:

I do miss Bodie’s body.
he was more buff in the older models but the lighting and the 3d models in DC Spotlight is more smooth looking especially on the clothes and how the limbs move and are attached to the body

Bottom line both have Bodie therefore both are good. I’m sold every which way